the Equine

Top Performance Equine Sports Therapy service offers support to the equine athlete with the latest therapeutic sports massage therapy techniques. Treatment for musculoskeletal bodywork for the equine athlete. Assistance with physical or behavior issues that limit your equine athlete. Regular bodywork will help keep a horse sound and willing to work. Accidents can happen especially in today’s highly competitive events, but a little preventive maintenance can do a world of good!

How can I help your horse?

Here are a few common conditions that could greatly be improved by sports therapy!

  • Head tossing
  • “Off” for no apparent reason
  • Shoulder or hip lameness, stiffness and resistance
  • Sore back, difficulty bending
  • Coordination difficulties
  • Short, choppy strides, incorrect leads
  • “Cinchy” horses.  Attitude problems.  Loss of performance ability.  Tying up. 

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